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“The true teacher... guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciple”
Amos Bronson Alcott


We work with practitioners who have years of personal practice and teaching experience, who can guide students in a supportive and directional way. Powerful and transformative practices are taught by generous people who share and convey them effectively and responsibly. All our teachers have dedicated their lives to sharing the knowledge of what they have learnt and are there to support both the group, and the individual, through the classes and workshops/courses; while encouraging guests to find their own answers through the various practices.


“Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination”
Diane Sawyer


We believe in the depth and profound effects of all the yogic practices and love to share them in an engaging environment while recognising the importance of restorative time-out. We believe that a destination is only exclusive if it can deliver an easy going, relaxed, unfussy yet attentive quality of service, great facilities, a comfortable feel and a stunning natural environment for guests to chill in. All the destinations have been built on sound ethical principles, with the yogic practices and respect for their environment in mind: including use of sustainable energy sources, reforestation and re-habituation of wildlife and following spiritual principles of design and construction. Please see individual destination pages for further details.


“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
Luciano Pavarotti


Our vegetarian/vegan menus are individually tailored for each retreat. All food is lovingly and attentively created and prepared by professional chefs to offer nutritionally balanced, delicious fresh food three times a day. Produce is organic and locally sourced and dietary requirements are taken into account. Depending on the chef, the practice of Japa (repetition of mantra) is often a part of the preparation of the food. We provide a high pranic, sattvic diet to further aid detoxification on retreat; working with Ayurvedic cooks and traditional chefs, as well as occasionally offering raw food menus on our retreats. Please check individual destinations for sample menu.

Supporting The Future

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.”
Kalil Gibran


Every retreat that we host supports a children’s charity in either the UK or abroad. Information regarding the projects and charities that will be supported through each retreat booking is given to the guests on arrival at their retreat. Guests are very welcome to offer additional contribution at their discretion

Not-For-Profit Retreat

“Look after yourselves and each other”
Jerry Springer


We are aware that our retreats can be out of reach for guest’s pockets, so in 2006 we offered our first ever not-for-profit retreat to ensure the practice and teachings were available to everyone. We now host one annually at a modest destination, where therapists offer their time for free to support the retreat. We are so grateful to our guests for honouring the spirit of this retreat; please contact us for details of the next date.

Ethical and sustainable travel

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”
Lao Tzu


All our retreats are short haul destinations from our London studio so that they can be easily reached by our teachers and local students, by train, bus, car, bicycle! or short haul flights. We believe in minimising our impact on the environment and when possible, we source therapists locally to the retreat centres. Yogoloji offsets our therapists and teachers travel to support The Carbon Neutral Company’s carbon offsetting projects around the world. These include clean energy technology programmes such as solar power and lighting projects, waste reduction schemes and resource conservation. We invite our guests to offset their carbon footprint for any travel booked.

Ethical banking

“Your Name is the treasure of jewels, Lord. You are the True Banker; Your devotee is the trader.”
Atharva Veda


Yogoloji holds an account with Triodos, an ethical bank which offers savings accounts and investments, and finances only projects with social and environmental benefits. We are also advised on all aspects of our banking and finances by BABC, who's expertise in the banking sector has proved invaluable towards building our business. We also have investments with IGI, who's knowledge of the financial markets has proved invaluable.

Ethical Energy

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them”
Henry Ford


Our studio at 54a Ebury Street, SW1 is fuelled by Good Energy: Good Energy’s commitment to its ethical values as well as to promoting and developing renewable energy in the UK has been independently accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation over the past three years. Awarded Ethical Company Status for 2009.